Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Success Secrets 1 - Technology

Don't get me wrong - the lack of a Sunday Grateful Post is not due to a lack of gratitude, but more because it can take a while to get it down properly. Also, with the option between this and a Success Secrets post at the end of the weekend, I feel protected against having to whip a grateful post out of thin air. Doing so would undoubtedly result in some disingenuous topics, which would also lessen the gravity of the posts that deal with people or groups for whom I am deeply thankful. With that in mind, please enjoy the first Sunday Success Secrets post, a series in which I plan to share my little tips and tricks to help make life more manageable post-op.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Soft Foods, Back to Work, and 6-Week Appointment

Weeks 4-6 were full of milestones and surprises. I advanced to a more adventurous food stage, stopped a medication that I'd had to take after surgery, went back on a different medication that I'd had to stop for surgery, dealt with some interesting mood swings, and went back to the world of the working woman.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Grateful Post 4 - Mum

This one goes out to none utha than my mutha! Not only did she stay longer than originally planned and put up with my various mood swings (some of which were hormonal, some of which were...jerky), but she kept me well entertained in the hospital and my first 2 weeks after.

Pureed Stage

Ah, the pureed foods stage...also known lovingly as the "don't even think about getting anything accomplished" stage. I was so looking forward to eating my new smorgasbord of mushy food options that I had ever so slightly lessened my "absolutely not" stance on pureed meat. Little did I know that these two weeks would be frustrating, time consuming and contain my first strains of buyer's remorse. Remember how, at my 2 week post-op appointment, I had posed the idea of going back to work early? Well, those dreams were quickly dashed to the rocks...